About Us

Our joinery workshop is based in the seaside town of Lowestoft, Suffolk.

From large building firms to individuals wanting a handmade piece of joinery for their home, we can cater for all.

Bespoke joinery may require some design assistance and our Managing Director is well qualified to give help and guidance in this field.  Once the design has been agreed, the joinery is set out by hand, then the manufacturing of the joinery can begin.  Each piece of joinery is handmade by our team of joiners.

We also offer spray paint priming, undercoating and finishes in clear lacquer, matt and gloss paint finishes.  On site we have our own spray shop with air filtered spray booth.

Traditional skills

In these modern times of mass producing in factories, it is a pleasing sight to see our craftsmen using traditional skills and tools to create beautiful, unique, handmade pieces.

Yes we do use modern machinery in some parts of our processing, but equally, traditional woodworking skills play a large part in manufacturing our bespoke products.

As every product is handmade to order, we really do make them individually, and by hand. Just take a look at our pictures, to see our joinery being made using traditional woodworking techniques.


If Joiners do not use the appropriate craftsmanship know-how, the performance and overall look of the product can be compromised.

We at M S Oakes Joinery, pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and ensure that every piece that leaves our workshop is of the highest standard.

Using the correct techniques and materials, provides our customers with stable and lasting products, which will stand the test of time.

Environmentally Friendly

At M S Oakes Joinery we are particular about the quality of timber which is used to produce our work.

Our timber is ordered in for specific projects and rigorously checked for quality and defects, before a job is started.

We always ensure our timber is sourced from sustainable, well managed forests, therefore protecting and preserving the environment.